What makes Indian Diaspora kowtow to anti-Indian criminals?

Indian Diaspora in Australia has quite enthusiastic in welcoming artists, but this enthusiasm surprisingly when the artist is criminally prosecuted in India for anti-Indian activities. This myopic zeal of Indian people cause sadness and disheartening when it is shown to individuals who have been acting against Indian and Indian peoples’ interests.

In case of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s upcoming tour to Australia, the kind of undeserved promotion that Indians are showing is very disturbing. Specially when this fervor is yielded from the blindness towards Khan’s alleged anti-Indian outlook and the fact that he is banned to enter in India for life.

Khan has been prosecuted during 2012 for criminal charges against resulting a life-time ban to enter into India on him. If this was not enough to alarm Indian people here, there are well-known links that Khan enjoys with anti-Indian elements.

Effectively this means all the fundraising Indian community is very adoringly doing for Khan’s show will result into proxy support (if not evidently clear) of anti-Indian elements. And when we talk about anti-Indian elements, there is no need to elaborate on their work and approach. Their disastrous and cowardly acts are seen by the whole world in form of decades long terrorism in India or waging (proxy) war likes in Mumbai, Kargil.


This intellectual bankruptcy is not only causing irreparable damage to integrity of Indian, seldom referred as ‘Mother-Land’ by few Indians). But it also decays the pride and nationalism that every Indian ought to carry in his heart.

An expected reaction from awakened Indian community here in Australia should have been boycott at least, if not vocal protest against his tour.

Yet we see number of Indians running on their toes raising funds for the show while they blindly worship him. Some photo-opp hungry Indians will be sharing the stage with one who should have been avoided.

Hence the question – what makes Indian Diaspora kowtow to anti-Indian criminals?